Eye Makeup

An attractive eye makeup job can often make a woman the centre of attention at a get-together. It makes you have more self-confidence as you converse with people, it can also make it easier for you to connect with the person with your eyes because you know they look beautiful.

How To Choose A Look:
When deciding which colour to choose for your eyes, you have to consider some factors. It should go with the colour of the dress you are wearing, the colour of your skin, or the mood that you want to portray on that day. You have to pick three colours for your eye shadow. First, you have to pick a dark shade for the shadows. Next, pick a colour that would serve as the main colour of the eyes. It should be of medium shade. Lastly, you have to pick a colour that will highlight the entire eye makeup – this should be perhaps a pale shimmer or a very light colour to match the two first colours you have chosen.

Select your Eye Makeup Looks:
Numerous women know how to apply their eye makeup. Most reflect how they feel through what style they choose for wearing their eye shadow. There are numerous looks you can create using eye shadows, so you need to play with them and see what unique looks you ca achieve on your eyes.

1- Eyes done in a natural look will give you an everyday style, and will not be pale. Use the tones of eye shadows that are pale, you can even find ones in skin tones, this will highlight your eyes wonderfully, without giving you that heavy made up look. But stay away from applying the shimmer shades as this will negate the natural look you are going for.

2. Dramatic- Not the kind of drama like you would expect in the soap operas that center around Office Cleaning Cincinnati Ohio. This look is also known as the “smoky eyes”. This is one of the best looks that you can use during parties, but you have to remember that this is not appropriate when going to the office or doing a usual thing such as buying groceries or taking your children to the park. This is a great choice during night outs with friends. This type of eye makeup is one that darkens the eye lids and highlights the brow bone. The highlights usually come in pale white, silver or other metallic colours.

3 – The sexy look is usually the one women like the most. Unlike what many may think the sexy look with eye makeup not all about loud colours. Instead it is about shaping the eyes into the shape of almonds. Think about the movie Cleopatra and how she looked. Her eye makeup was done in the sexy look and the way it supposes to be done.

Women have always tried to make their eyes look alluring. When communicating with people, your eyes are a powerful tool to connect with them visually. You can achieve a great look as long as you can get your eye makeup right, so make sure to select what look works for you.


Cat-Eye Eyeliner

There are a great many makeup application techniques that can be difficult to understand with the cat’s eye technique being one of them. You will find this to be especially to be true if you have no real training in regards to makeup application tools and techniques. Now on the other hand if you take the time to learn about the proper way to use makeup tools and application techniques you are going to be able to start to become a bit more adventurous with how you put on your makeup.

You will be able to easily pull off the cat eye look by learning to correct apply your eyeliner pencil. This is a big secret behind being able to pull off the cat aye look so you need to become great at proper eyeliner application. If you have a very even and balanced hand you are going to be able to pick up this very quickly. If you have never really used makeup before you should start out using a quality eyeliner pencil and then as you become better to work your way up to liquid eyeliners. Liquid liners can be more difficult to use because they smudge quite easily.

When you are going for the cat eye, look you can go for a look that is either very thin or a bit smudged. You are going to need to use a sharp eye pencil to be able to pull off a very detailed and clean look. You need to begin to by lining by the root of the eyelashes and work your way from the inside to the outside. Be very careful to follow along with the curve of your eyelid as it will serve as kind of a guideline as you are working your way to a cat eye look.

You can achieve a wide range of cat eye looks from a very sharp and clean look to a fatter and smudged look. If you are going for a lighter and translucent look to your cat eye makeup application, you can make use of a brush and some shadow liner. To start this application process, you should pres down on the shadows and start moving it along the line of the eyelash. Next, you are going to need to start brushing the shadow up in a slanting motion. If you can get the hang of proper makeup application techniques, you are going to be able to create a breathtaking cat eye look.

Tips from Asia.

Asian women have been more traditional with the way their makeup is done. Today, however, more and more Asians have become more creative when it comes to applying their makeup. What you will be reading below are valuable Asian eye makeup tips that can make you learn how to apply makeup more effectively.
There is a big colour palate that assists you in showing off your beauty, so you do not have to feel you need to stick with plain colours when it comes to your makeup. You can do some creative things by selecting bright colours to use on your eyes.
You can start to experiment with making your eyes bigger and smaller all through the use of different eye shadows and eyeliners. Dark colours are going to make your eyes appear smaller while lighter colours are going to make your eyes appear larger.

Celebrity women are often blowing us away with their exceptional beauty which is often due to the makeup that they wear.
Countless makeup artist has become incredibly famous by taking the time to perfect makeup application techniques and tricks. If you are willing to take the time to learn you can become great at makeup application as well.

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Makeup Tips and Techniques

Makeup has so much to offer; it can cover imperfections, elongate the face, and enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. For those that wear makeup already and need a refresher course or for those that are just beginning to wear makeup, proper application is essential to fully utilize what it has to offer.

Eye makeup techniques

Smoky eyes – perfecting smoky eyes is just a matter of practice. To begin, apply a light shade of foundation or concealer on the upper lid, under the brow and under the eye. This gives you a nice canvas to create your smoky eyes. Next line the eyelid with eye pencil or liquid eyeliner staying close to the lashes. Now soften the line with a q-tip and then apply a dark eye shadow directly over the line and smudge. Continue with the dark shadow going up into the crease of the eye and outward, however do not go into the inner corners of the eye. Lastly apply a lighter color on the instead of the upper lids and the rest of the eye area (under the brow) and blend. For the bottom of the eye apply a thin line under the lashes, staying as close to the lashes as possible and smudge. Apply heavy coats of mascara to both the upper and lower lashes.

Foundation techniques

Foundation comes in an array of formulas. There are cream, cream to powder, mineral makeup, and liquid to name a few. First and foremost is selecting the right foundation for your skin type; this will ensure a flawless finish. Your foundation should be close to the skin color on your neck to avoid any dramatic differences in color. Additionally, if blemishes or skin discolorations are a problem consider a concealer. Note, there is also an array of concealers, some are designed cover blemishes while some are designed to cover under eye circles. It is important to understand the type of concealer you need. There are different applications of foundation which is dependent upon the type of foundation you use. For instance, mineral makeup is usually applied with a Kabuki brush, while liquid makeup is applied with your fingertips or sponge. Basically the key is covering and blending to an even finish.

Blush techniques

As with foundation, there are various types of blush formulas such as cream and powder. Additionally, blush techniques can elongate a round face or just bring a rosy glow to your complexion. For a rosy glow, smile and apply the blush to the fullest part of the cheeks, commonly known as the apple, and blend.

Eye brow techniques

As indicated above properly shaped eyebrows are essential in framing the eyes and enhancing your overall look. If you have the money, have your eyebrows properly shaped at the salon and then you can maintain the shape.

Lipstick techniques

To properly apply lipsticks make one swipe of the lipstick across the top lip and one across the bottom lip. Apply more lipstick to fill in or create a darker effect. Once you are happy with the color, blot with tissue. Other tips are: use a lip liner or your foundation as a base, this technique will make your lipstick or lip gloss last so much longer. Line your lips with the same color as your lipstick, never use a dark lip liner with a light lipstick. To make your lips look fuller, line the bottom lip and add a little gloss to the middle of the bottom lip. Another important fact is that not all lipstick shades look good on everyone, understanding your skin tone will determine what shades will look best on you.

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Beginners Guide to Makeup Brushes

There are dozens of makeup brushes available in the market today. With a variety to choose from, it can be quite difficult to make up your mind on which kind of make-up brushes to invest in. This particular guide for beginners might be useful in helping you to be able to make the most of your make up. Even on a shoestring budget, the following brushes are among the most essential ones. They will most definitely help you to achieve the best blend, highlight and contours on your face for the perfect and flawless look.

1. The Foundation Brush.

Foundation in its literal sense means ‘basic’. This brush is important as it is used in the most primary level of make-up application. Instead of using your bare hands to apply foundation, which can be quite a messy task, the foundation brush covers more area on your face, hence gives you a smooth and pore less finish. The best kind of foundation brush is one with a dome-shaped head with densely packed bristles. The brush can also be quite useful in applying facial creams.

2. Flat Eye-Shadow Brush.

The flat eye shadow brush is used to apply color to your eyelid. The brush is mostly sold with most brush sets but can also be purchased individually from beauty stores. The eye shadow brush has a shaped tip that is used to apply eye shadow onto the lower lash line.

3. Blending Brush.

To attain that smooth blend on your face, the blending brush is the one to go for. It enables you to merge the colors flawlessly on your face by phasing out the harsh lines. The blending brush has flexible bristles that make it easy for you to dust excess eye shadow and ease out the creases.

4. Powder Brush.

The powder brush is the staple of the make-up bag. You simply must have this brush as it is used to apply all kinds of powered make-up on your face. The brush is round and fluffy with very dense bristles. It helps to do away with the excess makeup without messing up your face.

5. Lip/ Concealer Brush.

The concealer brush has a tiny squared tip. It is mostly used in the application of lipstick, lip-gloss or concealers. As the name suggests, this tool is useful in covering up the blemishes, scars, the brown spots and any other damages on your face. The brush can be used to attain a crisp and defined line of color.

6. The Liner Brush.

The eyeliner brush is quite small and angled hence makes it easy for you to hold. The bristles are also tapered at the ends enabling you to control it easily when applying gel or cream eye-shadows. Silicone bristled liner brushes are the best compared to the normal bristles because they don’t fray.

7. The Fan Brush.

The fan brush can be used to apply powder highlights on your face. The brush has a flat shape that is useful in blending out your facial make up to achieve a smooth finish. It can also be used to get rid of excess powder and spot a little bit of blush on your cheek bones. This helps you to have a beautiful and smooth finish to your face.

8. Smudge Brush.

These brushes are short with stiff bristles. They are in several shapes too. The smudge brush is mostly used to blend the eye shadow to give you the ‘smoky eye’ effect.

In a nutshell, to achieve the cover girl type of facial makeup, the above makeup brushes can be quite useful. In addition to the brushes you can throw in the blending sponge to your collection. It is the best for applying liquid foundations and even concealers. It guarantees you a smooth and flawless finish.

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How to Choose a New Lipstick

Tired of reapplying lipstick now and then? It’s time you change your brand of lipstick and try something better and long lasting. There are a lot of brands of lipsticks and lip glosses available in the market, all you require to do is go out there and do a little bit of research. There are a lot of brands like Revlon, Avon, Maybelline, etc. Suppose you prefer Maybelline products and would want to go for a Maybelline lip gloss, the easiest way is to go on the internet and have a look at the various shades available. Similarly, if you are looking for a lipstick, you can go through the different Maybelline lipstick shades and types.

It so happens that after you surf the internet, seeing the huge collection you end up getting confused. To avoid this, the first thing you need to decide on is the color and type of lipstick. Lipstick color depends on an individual’s taste. There are different types of lipsticks available like matte lipsticks, cream lipsticks, hydrating lipsticks, long-lasting lipsticks and lip glosses. The matte lipsticks are drier and longer lasting while the cream lipsticks contain moisturizers that give you good coverage. Hydrating lipsticks give you great moisture and a perfectly beautiful shine. Lip glosses are fluid and shiny.

If you are planning on buying a lipstick online, here are a few tips that would be useful:-

The Occasion

While choosing a lipstick, it is extremely important to understand your complexion, your eye color, and your hair color. Doing this will help you in choosing the perfect shade of lipstick that will suit you the best. If you need a color that can be worn every day, stick with neutral shades of mauve and light pink. These shades will be simple enough to make you look beautiful without being too flashy. Plus it will bring out the natural tone of your lip color. Online stores have great discounts on such lipsticks.

Choose the right shade

If you are tired of wearing the same shades over and over again it is time you change the shade of your lipstick. A bright coral or red shade is a hit in the warm summer months. Online stores provide a shade chart. All you should do is go through the chart and choose the right shade for yourself.

Experiment and go with what’s in!!

Women often search for new lip colors and a new brand. For instance, if you are looking for a Maybelline lip gloss, visit the online store that deals in Maybelline products and looks for the latest color trend marked ‘new.’ This makes your job even easier. Visit such sites and get going with your lipstick shopping and flaunt it!

Lipsticks have been around for many years and will no doubt continue to be a favorite among women all over the world. Finding your perfect shades for various occasions takes a bit of work, but in the end, it is worth spending a significant part of your time and energy.

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