An attractive eye makeup job can often make a woman the centre of attention at a get-together. It makes you have more self-confidence as you converse with people, it can also make it easier for you to connect with the person with your eyes because you know they look beautiful.

How To Choose A Look:
When deciding which colour to choose for your eyes, you have to consider some factors. It should go with the colour of the dress you are wearing, the colour of your skin, or the mood that you want to portray on that day. You have to pick three colours for your eye shadow. First, you have to pick a dark shade for the shadows. Next, pick a colour that would serve as the main colour of the eyes. It should be of medium shade. Lastly, you have to pick a colour that will highlight the entire eye makeup – this should be perhaps a pale shimmer or a very light colour to match the two first colours you have chosen.

Select your Eye Makeup Looks:
Numerous women know how to apply their eye makeup. Most reflect how they feel through what style they choose for wearing their eye shadow. There are numerous looks you can create using eye shadows, so you need to play with them and see what unique looks you ca achieve on your eyes.

1- Eyes done in a natural look will give you an everyday style, and will not be pale. Use the tones of eye shadows that are pale, you can even find ones in skin tones, this will highlight your eyes wonderfully, without giving you that heavy made up look. But stay away from applying the shimmer shades as this will negate the natural look you are going for.

2. Dramatic- Not the kind of drama like you would expect in the soap operas that center around Office Cleaning Cincinnati Ohio. This look is also known as the “smoky eyes”. This is one of the best looks that you can use during parties, but you have to remember that this is not appropriate when going to the office or doing a usual thing such as buying groceries or taking your children to the park. This is a great choice during night outs with friends. This type of eye makeup is one that darkens the eye lids and highlights the brow bone. The highlights usually come in pale white, silver or other metallic colours.

3 – The sexy look is usually the one women like the most. Unlike what many may think the sexy look with eye makeup not all about loud colours. Instead it is about shaping the eyes into the shape of almonds. Think about the movie Cleopatra and how she looked. Her eye makeup was done in the sexy look and the way it supposes to be done.

Women have always tried to make their eyes look alluring. When communicating with people, your eyes are a powerful tool to connect with them visually. You can achieve a great look as long as you can get your eye makeup right, so make sure to select what look works for you.