Makeup has so much to offer; it can cover imperfections, elongate the face, and enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. For those that wear makeup already and need a refresher course or for those that are just beginning to wear makeup, proper application is essential to fully utilize what it has to offer.

Eye makeup techniques

Smoky eyes – perfecting smoky eyes is just a matter of practice. To begin, apply a light shade of foundation or concealer on the upper lid, under the brow and under the eye. This gives you a nice canvas to create your smoky eyes. Next line the eyelid with eye pencil or liquid eyeliner staying close to the lashes. Now soften the line with a q-tip and then apply a dark eye shadow directly over the line and smudge. Continue with the dark shadow going up into the crease of the eye and outward, however do not go into the inner corners of the eye. Lastly apply a lighter color on the instead of the upper lids and the rest of the eye area (under the brow) and blend. For the bottom of the eye apply a thin line under the lashes, staying as close to the lashes as possible and smudge. Apply heavy coats of mascara to both the upper and lower lashes.

Foundation techniques

Foundation comes in an array of formulas. There are cream, cream to powder, mineral makeup, and liquid to name a few. First and foremost is selecting the right foundation for your skin type; this will ensure a flawless finish. Your foundation should be close to the skin color on your neck to avoid any dramatic differences in color. Additionally, if blemishes or skin discolorations are a problem consider a concealer. Note, there is also an array of concealers, some are designed cover blemishes while some are designed to cover under eye circles. It is important to understand the type of concealer you need. There are different applications of foundation which is dependent upon the type of foundation you use. For instance, mineral makeup is usually applied with a Kabuki brush, while liquid makeup is applied with your fingertips or sponge. Basically the key is covering and blending to an even finish.

Blush techniques

As with foundation, there are various types of blush formulas such as cream and powder. Additionally, blush techniques can elongate a round face or just bring a rosy glow to your complexion. For a rosy glow, smile and apply the blush to the fullest part of the cheeks, commonly known as the apple, and blend.

Eye brow techniques

As indicated above properly shaped eyebrows are essential in framing the eyes and enhancing your overall look. If you have the money, have your eyebrows properly shaped at the salon and then you can maintain the shape.

Lipstick techniques

To properly apply lipsticks make one swipe of the lipstick across the top lip and one across the bottom lip. Apply more lipstick to fill in or create a darker effect. Once you are happy with the color, blot with tissue. Other tips are: use a lip liner or your foundation as a base, this technique will make your lipstick or lip gloss last so much longer. Line your lips with the same color as your lipstick, never use a dark lip liner with a light lipstick. To make your lips look fuller, line the bottom lip and add a little gloss to the middle of the bottom lip. Another important fact is that not all lipstick shades look good on everyone, understanding your skin tone will determine what shades will look best on you.

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